Mission Statement

In two words, Interactive Fiction. Evil Soft believes our first responsibility is to provide the best gaming experience to the gamers out there. To that end we feel it's time that a more mature audience is targeted.

Evil Soft aims to produce the most bad-ass games you've ever played. If we were a band, we'd be Megadeth, (old) Metallica, or Slayer. No subjects are safe from our wrath. You have been warned!

Free from the bounds of traditional "Big-House" development companies, we will release a number of games that would not otherwise be possible in these days of "cloned" games. We pride ourselves on producing truly unique games that will revolutionize the game industry. Be prepared!!

We are a computer game company. You may obtain our products by downloading them off our web site or in stores.

We are also here to appeal to the customer, so feel free to e-mail us about anything, feedback, comments or just to tell us what a good job were doing.

Just remember: See Evil Hear Evil Speak Evil.

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